John Keller on Songwriting

“My advice to songwriters is to keep learning, keep studying and don’t go into it to become rich, because you’ll be most often disappointed. Do it because you love what you’re doing. The uncertainty of the music business is what drives people crazy. But the high you get when you do write something good is like nothing else."

"Here's a pretty good conversation about my process with Gordon Pogoda at SongTalk.

"And below are a few songs that turned out pretty well. Click on an album cover to preview the track in iTunes.”

Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight, "Love Is"

Etta James, "Love It or Leave It Alone"

Tonio K., "Without Love", "Stay", "You Were There"

Al Green, "Love God (and Everyone Else)"

Percy Sledge, "Change My Mind"

Tonio K., "You Belong with Me"

Eric Burdon, "Slow Moving Train"

Terri Nunn, "Diane"

Vixen, "Love Made Me"

Kimmie Rhodes, "I've Been Loved by You"

Rita Coolidge, "If You Find It"

Carol Welsman, "Love Junkyard"

Curtis Salgado, "My Confession"

Wynonna, "Don't Look Back" from Revelations

Jessie Baylin, "I'll Cry for the Both of Us"

Leigh Nash, "I've Gotta See You Smile"

Brian McKnight with Vanessa Williams, "Love Is"

Sister Sledge, "Dream On"

Tonio K., "We Walk On"

Peter Wolf, "Anything at All"

Jeff Paris, "Don't Make Promises"

Jeff Paris, "Heart to the Flame"

Kimmie Rhodes, "The Road to Jubilee"

Lulu, "Go Now (Before There's Trouble)"

Sheena Easton, "Can't Wait 'Til Tomorrow"

Zana Messia, "My Invention of You"

Rickie Lee Jones, "Love Junkyard"

Kathy Mattea, "Guns of Love"

Sara Evans, "Almost New"

Placido Domingo and... "Merry Christmas, Baby"

The Four Tops, "Dream On"

Tonio K., "I Know A Place", "Murder My Heart", "Again", "I'm Here", "Home To You", I've Got A Song Anyway"

Allan Gorrie, "Up"

The Blessing, "Flames"

Edwin, "Screaming Kings"

Kimmie Rhodes, "There Is a Place"

Kimmie Rhodes, "There Is a Place"

Maura O'Connell, "Guns of Love"

Phoebe Snow, "Merry Christmas, Baby"

Arnold McCuller, "Love Junkyard"