Prarie Wind  w/ D.Wilde, J. Valenzuela  

                  Valenzuela, Wilde,   2014  

Rest   w/D. Wilde  

               The Rembrandts, 2014  

  My Invention Of You  w/ Zana Messia  

                           Zana Messia,  “Balkan Soul”, 2012  

  Tennessee Gem   w/ J. Baylin / D.Wilde  

                        Jessie Baylin   “Firesight”, 2008  

  I’ll Cry for the Both Of Us   w/ J. Baylin  

                        Jessie Baylin,  “Firesight”, 2008  

                        “The Women”, Soundtrack, 2008  

  My Confession   w/ D.Shephard / Tonio K  

                         Curtis Salgado,  “Clean Getaway”, 2008  

  The Road To Jubilee   w/ K. Rhodes  

                        Kimmie Rhodes, “Ten Summers, 1995-2005”, 2005  

                        Kimmie Rhodes, “Lost And Found”, 2004  

  Slow Moving Train   w/ Tonio K  

                        Eric Burdon, 2005  

  I’ve Gotta’ See You Smile   w/ L. Nash / D. Wilde  

                        Leigh Nash, “Because Of Winn Dixie” Soundtrack, 2005  

  Change My Mind   w/ B. Goldberg / Tonio K  

                        Percy Sledge, “Shining Through the Rain”, 2004  

  The Good Remains    w/ M. Gerrard / Tonio K  

                           Lynn Miles, for the T.V. Show, Providence, 2002  

   Get Over Yourself   w/ M. Gerrard / M. Vice  

                        Eden’s Crush,   “Popstars”, 2001, Top 10 Hit, 3-2001  

  I’m Not Gonna Cry   w/ G. Pagoda  

                        Scandalus, “Startin” Somethin”, 2001    

There Is A Place   w/ K. Rhodes,  

                        Kimmie Rhodes, “Rich From The Journey”, 2000  

I’ve Got A Song Anyway  w/ Tonio K  

I Know A Place   w/ Tonio K  

Murder My Heart   w/ Tonio K  

Home To You   w/ Tonio K  

I’m Here   w/ Tonio K / B. Goldberg  

Again   w/ Tonio K / B. Goldberg  

                      Tonio K, “Yugoslavia” 1999  

  Screaming Kings   w/ E. Ghazel  

                        Edwin, “Another Spin Around The Sun”, 1999  

  Anything At All   w/ W. Jennings / P. Wolf  

                        Peter Wolf, “Fools Parade”, 1998  

  Almost New    w/ Tonio K  

                        Sara Evans, “Clay Pigeons” Soundtrack, 1998  

                        “Various Artists / Girls Night Out”, 1999  

  Runaway Love   w/ A. Kaset  

                        Jill Morris, 1998  

I’ll Remember You   w/ Tonio K  

We Walk On   w/ Tonio K  

Tonio K, “Ole”, 1997  

  Love It Or Leave It Alone   w/ W. Jennings / L. Cody  

                        Etta James, “Love’s Been Rough On Me”, 1997  

  Love God (And Everyone Else)   w/ Tonio K  

                        Al Green, “Michael” Soundtrack, 1997  

                        Hillary Smith & The Soul Commitment Choir, 1999  

  Don’t Look Back   w/ Tonio K  

                        Wynonna, “Revelations”, 1996    

Merry Christmas Baby   w/ Tonio K  

                        Phoebe Snow, “Winter, Fire, And Snow / “Songs For The Holiday  

                           Season”, 1995  

                           Placido Domingo, Patricia Kass, Alejandro Fernandez, “Christmastime     

                           In Vienna, 1993  

  I Will Love You Anyway   w/ Tonio K  

                        Aaron Neville, “Beverly Hills, 90210 – The College Years”, 1994  

  Love Is   w/ Tonio K (multi format #1 hit)  

                        Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight, “Beverly Hills 90210, The                         The Soundtrack, 1993  

                          Vanessa Williams “Greatest Hits”, 1998  

                        Brian McKnight, “From There To Here”, 1989 – 2002  

  If You Find It   w/ J. Goodwin  

                        Rita Coolidge, “Love Lessons”, 1993  

Desire Me   w/ T. Nunn / M. Caruso  

Diane   w/ T. Nunn / M. Caruso  

Go Ask The Lonely   w/ M. Levy  

                      Terri Nunn, “Moment Of Truth”, 1992  

  Love Junkyard   w/ D. Was  

                        Rickie Lee Jones, “Pop Pop”,  1991  

                        Arnold McCuller, “Exception To The Rule”, 1994  

                        Carol Welsman, “Hold Me”, 2001  

                        Melissa Erico, “Blue Like That”, 2003  

  Flames   w/ W. Topley  

                        The Blessing, 1991  

  Guns Of Love   w/ M. Caruso / R. Sharp  

                        Maura O’Connell, “A Real Life story”, 1990  

                        The Moffats, 1995  

                        Kathy Mattea, “Roses, 2002  

  Love Made Me   w/ M.Caruso/ M.Levy Single Release, 1989  

                        Vixen, 1989   

Without Love   w/ Tonio K  

You Were there   w/ Tonio K  

Stay   w/ Tonio K  

                        Tonio K, “Notes From the Lost Civilization”, 1998  

  Love Is An Art w/ B. Hughes / M Levy / R. Seeman  

                        Pernilla Wahlgren, 1998  

Heart To The Flame   w/ N. Kidd  

                        Van Zant, 1985  

                        Jeff Paris, 1985  

                        Johnny Van Zant, “King Biscuit Hour Presents In Concert”, 1997  

  Fool For Love   w/ M. Levy / Tonio K  

                        Karen Kamon, 1987  

You Belong With Me   w/ Tonio K  

                        Tonio K, “Romeo Unchained”, 1986  

Race to Paradise   w/ G. Leib  

Back On My Knees   w/ G. Leib  

Don’t Make Promises   w/ G. Leib  

                        Jeff Paris, 1986  

Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow,   w/ R. Neigher / G. Leib  

                        Sheena Easton, 1985  

  Up   w/ J. Gruska  

                        Alan Gorie, 1985  

Go Now (Before There’s Trouble)   w/ G. Leib  

                        KC And The Sunshine Band, 1981  

                        Lulu, 1982  

Don’t Wanna Let You Go   w/ G. Leib  

                        Rodney Franklin, 1982  

                        Ulanda McCullough, 1982  

Dream On   w/ G. Leib  

                        Sister Sledge, 1983  

                        The Four Tops, “When She Was My Girl”, 1982  

                        Leslie Smith, 1981  

Someday   w/ R. Halligan / J. Bacon  

                        Dara Sadaka, 1982